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Seeking Full Time Employment as a process engineer, manufacturing engineer, biochemical and any related field
Contact: Sushil Dhev Munian Email: Phone: 4059854440

Current Location: Norman

Desired Location: Anywhere in the united states, will consider other locations as well

Job Detail

I am currently and actively seeking for an entry level position as I will be graduating in May 2019 (this summer). I am a senior and currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Oklahoma. Throughout the years in college, I have developed excellent critical thinking and problem solving skills. I excel in group projects and team members usually identify me as a significant contributor. I have experience in robotics and programming as it is worth noting that my partner and I participated and emerged as champions for the OU Robot Competition 2018. I always have mentality to win and succeed and I believe I will be a great addition to a team.